Purchasing a Piano in the Spokane Area

The best bet for purchasing a quality piano is to go to a piano store. We are lucky to have three stores with quality pianos in the area

Music City: https://www.musiccitypianos.com/

Steinway Gallery: https://steinwayspokane.com/

Dan the Moving Man: https://www.danthemovingmanwa.com/pianos-for-sale-coming-soon/

These stores have a wide variety of new and used pianos for all levels of players. They also carry quality digital pianos. Typically, if you buy a basic piano to begin and decide you want to upgrade, they will allow trade-ups if the piano was purchased at their store.  All pianos sold at these stores will work for beginning lessons. They carry a wide range of pianos for various budgets and typically will take monthly payments if that is your preference. 

Buying a Used Piano from Another Person

If you are looking at used acoustic pianos, I recommend calling a registered piano technician to check the instrument before purchasing. You can find a local technician through the Piano Technicians Guild website. Use the Find a Registered Piano Technician link and search by zip code. 

The website is at: https://www.ptg.org/home 

To move a used piano in the Spokane area, call Dan the Moving Man: https://www.danthemovingmanwa.com

Will a Digital Keyboard Work?

Although nothing replaces the “feel” or “touch” of an acoustic pianos’ keys, a good quality digital keyboard can work for beginning lessons. It will be a bit of an adjustment to play an acoustic piano if you are typically playing a digital–acoustic keys take more pressure to push down. Not all keyboards work well for learning to play (see notes below on purchasing a digital keyboard for lessons). 

Purchasing a Digital Keyboard

Acoustic pianos are preferred for piano lessons–there is nothing like the sound or touch of an acoustic. However, digital keyboards can work if you purchase the right one. A digital keyboard should have weighted, full-sized keys. The weighted keys allow the keyboard to play loud and soft (unlike toy keyboards). The key set should be a full set (which is 88 keys–you should see 7 full sets of the 2/3 black key pattern). It should have a damper pedal (which hooks into the back) and built in speakers. A separate music stand (which can be adjusted for height and hold larger music books) and piano bench is also recommended.